Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Image edd993d42a Fix crash in DismissPet when owner dies 1 year ago
  Image 66505ccea3 RegionScripts, lava/death region support 1 year ago
  E Spause 103859462d in_heroic_opp for spellcasting in heroic opportunities 1 year ago
  LethalEncounter 2afc04311b Merge branch 'master' of 1 year ago
  LethalEncounter 65109b0d5d Glowpaths/waypoints added 1 year ago
  Image 9290bceb60 Code changes for region maps (Water!), additional lua functions 1 year ago
  LethalEncounter c61588803c Added Pre-boat Lore narration (books) to the Boat Tutorial zone. 1 year ago
  LethalEncounter 3ea7ffebb6 Merge branch 'master' of 1 year ago
  LethalEncounter ebddaba763 Tutorial instructions for the Far Journey zone 1 year ago
  image 900a32b259 LUA additions 1 year ago
  image 81aa1f23e3 LUA SpawnSet and SpellHeal updates 1 year ago
  image 2ebc48c157 Spawn indexes in Player class now protected by mutex 1 year ago
  image dc98a6035e Zone watchdog logic -- attempt to force shutdown a hung/frozen zone 1 year ago
  Image c34cf38c7d Added /findspawn searchstring/regex 1 year ago
  Image b698e847e1 Merging LethalEncounter's support of classic (version 283) and dof (version 546) 1 year ago
  Image 452ce7f157 add holiday_flag to spawn and transporters table 1 year ago
  Image 905cc8b0ba Flight path support for transport maps issue #143 1 year ago
  Image 8c7da8e039 Support for expansion_flag, min and max client version for transporters table (zone and generic transport type) 1 year ago
  Image 313b060328 Additional housing features (UI items panel) 2 years ago
  Image 49db262b59 Support for custom sky (added old luclin moon back) 2 years ago
  Image b3534cc556 command changes 2 years ago
  Image 4d83bb766f Prototype placement of objects/items in homes 2 years ago
  Image 1fbda69511 Spawn quest flag now set automatically for AddQuestStepKill spawn id scenario 2 years ago
  Image eb5a27d544 Completion of invis / hide support, client is notified of other spawns aggro visually 2 years ago
  Image 6c7f11fd70 LUA Commands Added/Updated for controlling primary commands 2 years ago
  Image a25166ad8d LUAFunctions CanSeeInvis(spawn,target) SetSeeInvis(spawn,1/0) SetSeeHide(spawn,1/0) 2 years ago
  Image cbcac95674 Added Spawn Proximity code 2 years ago
  Image 8d06858971 Zone based expansion flag and preinit_zone_script LUA function for ZoneScripts 2 years ago
  Image ee3b099c53 Struct updates/fixes 2 years ago
  Image 6f5d3e2244 Fix for visual/info updates not transmitting correctly (eg. hp/race change/etc) 2 years ago