Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Image 816575beca HO crash fix + temp spell e rror spam (to be changed to info later) 11 hours ago
  Image 4b445bda87 Exe Update 1 day ago
  Image 742336a4c1 MakeRandomInt(min,max) and MakeRandomFloat(min,max) for LUA 1 day ago
  Image 6c293a46a9 Update Spawn.cpp 1 day ago
  Image be74b93ef4 Exe Update 3 days ago
  Image ac1ecda564 Some equip slot checks to make sure LUA isn't abused for wrong slot numbers 3 days ago
  Image 88b5bcc2d8 Exe Update 3 days ago
  Image 60f1130466 Some EquipmentItem locking fixes 3 days ago
  Image c0f002209f Exe Update 3 days ago
  Image 529a260d3e Some equipment lock fixes (not all resolved yet) plus LUA equip functions, regular mail without items works 3 days ago
  Image ce7cc092d3 Wait a minute for hangup in zone instead of 30s 3 days ago
  Image 13f56a07db Quest updates such as the quest flag/leaf over a kill target now displays properly 3 days ago
  Image 38929e5c17 ModelViewer / MapEditor updated with the latest EQ2Region code / Map code utilized 1 week ago
  Image 19dc298dd2 Exe Update 1 week ago
  Image 1b95c72543 Fixed doors that have a LUA script, butn o usedoor defined, they will open correctly if no usedoor function exists 1 week ago
  Image 6304430e3a Quest class constructor mgmt, don't need to always create the quest 1 week ago
  Image f6fb7c9b4a Exe Update 2 weeks ago
  Image 567117054d LUA support for triggering a door and overriding via spawnscripts vs code 'always accept open door' 2 weeks ago
  Image 10b1a4e8d0 allow body drops with body_drop item db entry 2 weeks ago
  Image 29f797d71c Signs can spawn in with /spawn create sign 2 weeks ago
  Image 7736005995 Fix some missing water detection 2 weeks ago
  Image 54db6a162e fix water in certain areas w/ no debug 3 weeks ago
  Image aa9f76727a Revert "Fix water in certain areas" 3 weeks ago
  Image b05e4d0fb0 Fix water in certain areas 3 weeks ago
  Image cb6ed3a647 Ninja patch gfaydark crash cause its hitting bsp tree max size node 4294967295? 3 weeks ago
  Image a51aada086 Exe Updates 3 weeks ago
  Image 362daada59 Immunity support updates, player mail, spell heal pct 3 weeks ago
  Image f85294d6a0 Support for /movecharacter 3 weeks ago
  Image 940ff104be Capricorn phase 3 weeks ago
  Image d4b59319ce Techwizz: Fix CMake to include boost libraries 1 month ago