Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Emagi f5685e3918 Login Updates: 1 week ago
  Emagi 41738ba225 Isle of Refuge March 2005 Client **BETA** Support!! 2 weeks ago
  devn00b 2f9aaef8d5 Move EXP per level to database. 1 month ago
  Emagi 13d324ae8a Allow KoS client to choose next trait after accepting one previously, instead of requiring an event like levelling or zoning to get next option 1 month ago
  Emagi 6f1d52f47e that didn't incl all! 1 month ago
  Emagi d39d441297 avoid possible ptr issue 1 month ago
  Emagi a41e6f1bf8 - Fixed loot pending requests for clients that come from LUA scripts (eg. not loot chests from corpses) 1 month ago
  Emagi a2b2b6948d sql changes for kos client 1 month ago
  Emagi 9bf3154123 KoS CD Disc Support!!! 1 month ago
  Devn00b cff39dedc6 Lua update 1 month ago
  Emagi ecf3d0b904 Fix pull push collisions with code 1 month ago
  Emagi e5c3ffca13 fix two crashes 1 month ago
  Emagi 5ff28f60fe missing version check 1 month ago
  Emagi 69612e08b6 - Fix #528 - Support for DoF Advancement Window! 1 month ago
  Emagi 8639e5a7ed Abort reading bad packet 1 month ago
  Emagi 721e5c6362 oops client versioning not necessary 2 months ago
  Emagi 96902a5564 - Fix #564 - Mail support for DoF! 2 months ago
  Emagi 4278a968c9 fix mobs not setting their start hp/power, oops 2 months ago
  Emagi 02f6f2a1af Fix #520 add hate-threat messages to dof client, fix modify hp and power to not reset on calculatebonuses for spells 2 months ago
  Emagi d1af2ec649 fix modify max power and health from duplicating on a mob when the base mob values are extremely low 2 months ago
  Emagi f9ddc49fcd - Fix #560 - DoF Trade Support! Works cross client to AoM, restricted to 6 slots when trading with DoF. WorldStructs.xml updated! 2 months ago
  Emagi dbe82f8eff remove somewhat duplicate directory of upper case Generic 2 months ago
  Emagi e9a71e11ad file wasnt saved whoops! 2 months ago
  Emagi f58e08a922 Fix spawn add new command to work again, fix spawn set hp and power to set the total base values to enforce to DB 2 months ago
  Emagi ec91d3a69f fix overwriting default database hp and power values with spawn set 2 months ago
  Emagi 60a9c87312 Add a max concentration base and allow support of the DB entry for players, try to restrict the concentration from overflowing the integer 2 months ago
  Emagi 422c34e566 Make lua functions ModifyMaxHP and ModifyMaxPower usable 2 months ago
  Emagi 5d80136092 restore ability to set custom spell errors on precast, return { cast_allowed_boolean, cast_error_num }, eg return { false, 1 } will not allow casting and return not enough knowledge 2 months ago
  Emagi 92ca3bac38 resolve the precast not stopping spell cast 2 months ago
  Emagi c98a2997d7 Do not call lua functions that do not exist for spells, causes crashes 2 months ago