Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  devn00b 34b588c370 Sync Lua from dev server to git 2 months ago
  Emagi 231c866c2c restrict spell state assignment during deletion of spells 2 months ago
  Emagi d9d2121b62 Merge branch 'master' of 2 months ago
  Emagi c1e8768769 - Fix #528 - IMMUNITY_TYPE_STRIKETHROUGH type 10 for AddImmunitySpell and like functions 2 months ago
  devn00b 891ced632e Windows EXE Update 2 months ago
  Emagi 4383e6b20a fix log message had extra %s 2 months ago
  Emagi 1c94d68116 - Fix #554 - Weight support 2 months ago
  image 5a791384a9 Merge branch 'nellag/database-result-optimisations' of devn00b/EQ2EMu into master 2 months ago
  Emagi a7ea8f9569 reverse this code as it should no longer be needed due to 5fba62654e2c0fc859611b0555e370e057a877db 2 months ago
  Nellag dc552fc9f6 Core/Database: Optimised Database::StoreResult by using a map of field names to indices instead of a char pointer array. Issue #559 2 months ago
  Emagi f66d687bfe Merge branch 'master' of 2 months ago
  Emagi ff9eb3dd94 Fixed some mistakes on the iterator handling for spawn script timers 2 months ago
  Devn00b a72149f6ab Update Windows EXE 2 months ago
  Emagi 5fba62654e Address corner case with GM commands crashing server 2 months ago
  Emagi 8b394e1fa7 Try to address hangups with reload spawns win larger zones 2 months ago
  Emagi 518096f8cf this was forgotten the other day 2 months ago
  Emagi 93fe6b750e stopping spawn script timers will be avoided on zone shutdown to avoid deadlock, we have cleanup later in the function calls 3 months ago
  Emagi 2bd952fba7 Remove any spawn script timers tied to the spawn when spawn is removeed 3 months ago
  Emagi 0d474d8455 This time will be different, this time we will succeed! 3 months ago
  Emagi 513fafef3c Avoid nullptr casters! 3 months ago
  Emagi efca012970 Able to repop in Antonica and not have issues deconstructing spells from spawns 3 months ago
  Emagi 9ac9da15a5 missing files 3 months ago
  Emagi f48465c654 try to fix a crash issue 3 months ago
  Emagi 878dd00fb9 Address spell caster dead ptrs, location enter/leave with discovery based on grid id alone 3 months ago
  Emagi 1a641f23ce caster nullptr check 3 months ago
  Emagi 11cd551808 Merge branch 'master' of 3 months ago
  Emagi 27130d0aae Mutex handling fixes, ptr crash fix and loose pointer cleanup related to lua spells 3 months ago
  devn00b 4207e21dfa Windows EXE update 3 months ago
  Emagi f9d0c8879c additional group member ptr crash fix 3 months ago
  Emagi 11032419f3 Additional misc ptr crash fixes 3 months ago