• New Moon
    No due date 15 Open 0 Closed

    Milestone to capture misc issues that don't have any particularly urgent deadline. No deadline set, issues will be pulled out of milestone to address in general phases.

  • Project Eclipse
    No due date 2 Open 2 Closed

    Content based issues for assignment to dev-content team, no set deadline to have these resolved.

  • Rejection Pile
    No due date 0 Open 13 Closed

    Rejected git issues for now

  • Canopus
    No due date 2 Open 0 Closed


  • BetaCapricorni
    No due date 3 Open 0 Closed


  • AlphaHerculis
    No due date 1 Open 0 Closed


  • OmiScorpii
    No due date 22 Open 1 Closed

    Combat Revamp

  • ThetaScorpii
    No due date 8 Open 1 Closed


  • BetaDraconis
    No due date 16 Open 0 Closed